Investing in Innovation

Parkwalk invests in innovative UK growth companies across various stages of their development. The Funds seek capital appreciation, with the added advantages to investors of the tax reliefs offered under the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

Each Parkwalk Fund invests in a minimum of five companies, and investee companies range from early stage through to AIM-listed, creating a diverse portfolio of sectors and business development stages with capital raised used for development, commercialisation and expansion through to acquisition capital.

The Funds invest in companies whose proprietary IP or know-how originated from UK R&D intensive institutions and Universities, enabling the Funds to participate in the fruits of some of Britain’s >£5bn publicly-funded research.

In under four years, both the Parkwalk UK Technology Funds I & II have each separately returned, in cash, more to investors than the total cost of their subscriptions into each Fund, and each Fund still contains current portfolio companies with the potential to offer further returns to investors as the investee companies mature. Funds III, IV, V and the Opportunities Fund have all also had cash distributions from successful exits.

Parkwalk EIS Funds

Our flagship evergreen Opportunities EIS Fund is open all year.
The Opportunities EIS Fund invests in a minimum of five companies per investor across various stages of maturity and technology sub-sectors.
This Fund has replaced our annual UK Tech Funds as it offers investors the ability to invest at any time of the year.Read More
In conjunction with Cambridge Enterprise, the University of Cambridge’s technology transfer department, Parkwalk manage the University of Cambridge Enterprise Fund series.

Fund VI closed to investors in September 2018.Read More

In conjunction with Oxford University Innovation, the University of Oxford’s technology transfer and academic consulting department, Parkwalk manage the University of Oxford Innovation Fund series.

Fund V opens to investors in June 2019.Read More

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