A collaboration between Parkwalk and Oxford University Innovation

The University of Oxford Innovation Fund, managed by Parkwalk with the University’s Tech Transfer Office – Oxford University Innovation – as the Portfolio Advisor, was launched in 2014. The Fund offers Oxford alumni and investors tax-efficient opportunities in technology and intellectual property emerging from Oxford University.

Oxford Innovation Fund

Oxford University Innovation (OUI) is the University’s Technology Transfer Office and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Oxford. OUI has a global reputation for expertise in protecting, patenting and licensing early-stage technologies, averaging six spin-out companies every year (over the last 30 years) many of which are supported by Oxford alumni investor communities. The University of Oxford Innovation Funds invest in companies selected by OUI, utilising their extensive expertise and experience.

The Fund utilises the tax reliefs of the UK Government’s EIS and SEIS schemes where applicable.

£25,000 Minimum Subscription.
Early-stage seed and follow-on investments.
Closed-end fund.

Parkwalk Testimonals

“We are delighted to help facilitate the spin-out of new companies with additional funding made available through the University of Oxford Innovation Funds, which are a very tax efficient way for alumni and friends of the University to support Oxford.”

– Adam Workman, Head of OUI Investments & New Ventures. Oxford University Innovation

University of Oxford Innovation Fund

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