Duel is a unified platform for Customer Advocacy Marketing, allowing brands to grow their ambassador programs at scale. The omnichannel platform drives, utilises, and tracks advocacy across every channel.



Vitamica is seeking to exploit a novel approach for determining the susceptibility of bacteria to antibiotics. Resistance of bacteria to antibiotics is an increasing problem across the world, resulting in poorer healthcare outcomes, higher costs and a reduction in the number of effective drugs.


Lettus Grow

LettUs Grow™ designs irrigation and control technology for vertical farms.

The company’s patent-pending aeroponic technology delivers consistently high yields for vertical farms.



Inductosense specialises in the development of compact, wireless sensors for fast, repeatable detection of cracks, corrosion or defects in structures or products.

The company’s aim is to become the leading provider of permanently installed non-destructive testing (NDT) sensors and analytics for Energy Infrastructure and Composites markets.



NuNano is a UK-based company specialising in the design and manufacture of probes for atomic force microscopy and cantilever-based sensor devices. It was founded in 2011 by Dr James Vicary and Professors Heinrich Hoerber and Mervyn Miles to bring new manufacturing methods and exemplary levels of customer service to an industry broadly unchanged in […]



Exonate are developing a novel approach to modulating new vessel growth.  By controlling the balance of two contrasting forms of a protein called Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), they have demonstrated that they could not only treat models of angiogenic disease (eg Cancer and wet AMD) but also protect kidney and nerve cells while simultaneously […]



Micrima has developed an imaging system that exploits differences in permittivity – the ability of a substance to store electrical energy in an electric field – to identify and locate lesions in breast tissue. The company intends to develop and commercialise a new Breast Imaging System (MARIA) aimed at radically improving breast cancer detection and survival […]