Parkwalk is delighted to celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2023. This year we focus on the endless opportunities STEM opens for women and girls, around the globe.

Parkwalk’s own Dr Cassie Doherty, Dr Karolina Zapadka and Claire Pardo share their thoughts on how STEM subjects have helped to shape their careers, in our latest video. STEM subjects create so many opportunities for millions of women and girls around the world. From learning transferable skills to helping innovation, STEM subjects drive the development of analytical thinking, evaluative thought and so much more. Studying a STEM subject at university, does not mean you are limited to finding a career in science, it’s the opposite; STEM subject only broaden your horizons.

Click here to watch the video, or see below.

Here at Parkwalk, we back world-changing technologies emerging from UK universities and research institutions. As it’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we would specifically like to celebrate the exceptional work of the Women Founders, CEOs and CSOs in the Parkwalk portfolio, who are driving positive change in the world. The list below is just a handful of inspiring women in our portfolio; there are many more:

  • Virginia Corless, CEO, MoA Technology
  • Louise Modis, CSO Mogrify
  • Stephanie Martlew, CEO Psyomics
  • Melinda Martlew – COO at Psyomics
  • Lucy Jung, CEO and Founder, Charco Neurotech
  • Katie Binley, CTO Ikarovec
  • Jing Zhang, Founder and Strategy & Innovation Director, AqDot
  • Lydia Campbell, CSO and Founder, Nandi Proteins
  • Emanuela Maggioni, CEO and Co-Founder, OWidgets
  • Lisa Patel, CEO and Founder, Istesso
  • Carolyn Porter, CEO, Cytoseek
  • Ilana Wisby, CEO, Oxford Quantum Circuits
  • Marianna Obrist, CSO and Co-Founder, Owidgets
  • Hannah Sore, CEO and Founder, PharmEnable
  • Umaima Malik Ahmad, Co-Founder 52 North Health
  • Sakthy Selvakumaran, CEO and Founder BKwai Limited
  • Carmen Palacios-Berraquero, CEO and Co-Founder Nu Quantum
  • Dame Clare Grey, CSO and Co-Founder Nyobolt
  • Rebecca Simmons, COO Riverlane
  • Fenella Boyle, CEO and Co-Founder, VersedAI
  • Harriet Bray, Founder and COO, Zentraxa
  • Ruth Whittacre, FD and Co-Founder, CISIV
  • Dr Catherine Elton, CEO & Founder Qkine
  • Hao Zheng, Founder & CEO RoboK
  • Giorgia Longobardi, CEO & Founder, Cambridge GAN Devices
  • Rebecca Kinsley, COO and Founder, DIOSynVax
  • Agne Milukaite, CEO and Co-Founder, Cycle.Land
  • Professor Sabine Bahn, Co-Founder, Psyomics
  • Catherine Beech MB,ChB,OBE, CEO and Founder Exonate
  • Myriam Ouberai – CEO at Spirea
  • Debora Lucarelli – CEO at Enhanc3D Genomics 
  • Charlotte Guzzo – founder & COO at Sano 

Thank you to all the amazing women in our portfolio who are continually striving for positive change.

Watch our video on STEM: Creating of future of opportunities.