We work closely with academic founders and entrepreneurs to develop credible funding strategies to turn the best research into commercial success.

Parkwalk’s investment strategy is sector agnostic, investing across a broad range of sectors, which are of strategic importance to UK Plc, such as life sciences, quantum computing, advanced materials, genomics, cleantech, future of mobility, med-tech and big data. For example, Parkwalk were recently named the most active investor in Artificial Intelligence in the UK.

Given we are technology agnostic we generally seek to invest alongside specialist funds with the capacity to follow on investing in future rounds. We are the most co-invested fund in this asset class.

We are also stage / maturity agnostic, investing in Seed and Series C round and beyond. We have invested in up to five financing rounds of individual investee companies. We invest c. £50m per year in the sector.

  • Parkwalk actively seeks to co-invest with other specialist funds

  • £10m

    We have the ability to invest from £250k to £10m per round

  • Invest from early-stage through to Series C round and beyond

  • Look to follow our money and invest over multiple rounds

Key Criteria 1

Key criteria for potential Parkwalk investee companies

  • Businesses with strong links to a leading UK university or research establishment
  • We generally require a potential investment to have come through a technology transfer or similar process
  • The firm has a leading technology which has the potential for significant commercial success
  • It has the ability to protect IP or know-how through, for example, patents and freedom to operate
  • Have a suitable management team in place to provide appropriate leadership and governance
  • We are an EIS Fund and so invest within those rules and restrictions.
  • Our underlying investors will be looking to recycle their investment through a liquidity event in a 3-8 year period
We are highly experienced with a deep network of partners, specialist co-investors, industry experts and advisors
Our focused investment strategy on a distinct asset class allows us to make insightful and rapid investment decisions
We look to align interests of all stakeholders via investing in flat capital structures, and treat all stakeholders fairly