Parkwalk’s focused investment strategy, combined with its highly experienced and deep network of partners, specialist co-investors, industry experts and advisors, allows the team to make relatively rapid investment decisions, and deploy capital efficiently.

Parkwalk’s focused asset class has enabled us to develop strong and trusted relationships over the past 10 years, building a reputation as good people to do business with, and bringing with it the highest quality deal-flow.

We are the most co-invested fund in this asset class and we invest c.£50m per year into the sector.

  • Parkwalk actively seeks to co-invest with other specialist funds

  • £10m

    We have the ability to invest from £250k to £10m per round

  • Invest from early-stage through to Series C round and beyond

  • Look to follow our money and invest over multiple rounds


Key Parkwalk investment philosophy

  • We are willing to take early stage risk but invest across the spectrum from seed to later stage opportunities
  • We seek to invest in flat capital structures with all stakeholders (investors, founders, institutions etc) aligned in the same share class
  • We feel that by investing we are showing the founders and management respect for their business plan and vision and we expect this to be reciprocated
  • We feel these investments are a team effort between all the stakeholders and that moving forward they should all be treated fairly
  • We look to follow our money and will invest over multiple rounds
  • We have the ability to invest from £250k to £10m in any one round depending on the stage of the business
We are highly experienced with a deep network of partners, specialist co-investors, industry experts and advisors
Our focused investment strategy on a distinct asset class allows us to make insightful and rapid investment decisions
We look to align interests of all stakeholders via investing in flat capital structures, and treat all stakeholders fairly