Parkwalk portfolio company Brainomix is featured in the BBC’s Tech Tent podcast discussing the advances in artificial intelligence in healthcare. See below a short extract, but click here for the full BBC article and podcast.

Michalis Papadakis is chief executive of Brainomix, whose technology is already entering hospitals to help doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of strokes after years in the laboratory.

He says there is huge potential to improve outcomes for stroke patients: “Currently every 30 minutes, a stroke patient who could have been saved, dies or remains permanently disabled, not because of the stroke, but because they’re admitted in a hospital that doesn’t have the expertise to diagnose and select the patient for a life-saving treatment path.”

His product, developed with data from thousands of brain scans, helps doctors interpret images and make the fast decisions that are needed when it is suspected that a patient has suffered a stroke.

“We have shown that the sensitivity of physicians when they use the tool increases significantly their ability to diagnose and detect stroke damage on the scans compared to how they’re doing it now manually.”

To read more and to listen to the podcast, click here.