Safeguarding, preservation and discovery come together for libraries through partnership between EBSCO Information Services and Arkivum

IPSWICH, Mass., and LONDON — August 1, 2019 — EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) and Arkivum have formed a strategic partnership to expand value to institutions by making their research data, institutional records and digital assets usable, accessible and optimised for the long-term. The partnership will leverage EBSCO’s SaaS-based portfolio, including EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS), and Arkivum Perpetua, an integrated long-term data management solution used by some of the world’s most prestigious institutions.

Arkivum Perpetua is a field-proven long-term data management solution for preserving, safeguarding and discovering of the institution’s valuable collections, research output and corporate data. Arkivum Perpetua provides data safeguarding, digital preservation, record keeping, compliance and value extraction capabilities. Built-in automated processes ensure future accessibility, easy search and usability of the data, making customers’ content discoverable and available over any digital channel. The modular design developed on a next-gen micro-services architecture enables institutions to seamlessly scale from a small deployment of several terabytes to an enterprise-wide petabyte-level solution. Arkivum Perpetua also allows for seamless integration with institutional applications for corporate records management, special collections, scholarly outputs and research data — providing a solution for any type of data that an institution wishes to manage for the long-term.

EBSCO Discovery Service provides users with an easy, yet powerful means of accessing an institution’s library collections through a single search box. Arkivum Perpetua will integrate with EDS so that content can be seamlessly discovered and accessed across the combined solution. Through the integration with EDS, content will be discoverable alongside other institutional resources and materials. This provides staff, researchers and students with a single one-stop-shop to find valuable archival content through EDS and then use Arkivum Perpetua to view and use the content.

Arkivum Perpetua is part of the FOLIO initiative which is creating an open source library services platform (LSP). Perpetua will be further integrated with the FOLIO platform and support the vision and roadmap for an extensible platform supporting traditional resource management but focused on the ability to deliver new services.

EBSCO Information Services Senior Vice President for Strategy Tommy Doyle says, “The partnership with Arkivum allows EBSCO to continue to deliver key services and meet the growing needs for digital preservation. Providing archiving and preservation of institutional assets allows us to deliver holistic access and discoverability of information to students and faculty members alike. Arkivum’s team, subject matter expertise and capabilities are a great way for EBSCO to solve the preservation needs that customers increasingly require while helping them to better manage and secure their research data, collections and library assets overall.”

Arkivum CEO Guy Yaniv says, “We are thrilled and excited to partner with EBSCO and support their mission to improve research around the world. EBSCO’s vision and expertise in providing library services and innovative technology aligns well with Arkivum. Combining Arkivum’s solution for the institution’s created and owned records with EBSCO’s discovery and library offering will substantially increase value to libraries and research organisations worldwide. We look forward to continuously innovate together with the EBSCO team as we serve this dynamic market.”

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