Ditto AI and Tata Consultancy Services bring explainable AI to regulated and safety critical sectors

Ditto AI, the UK-based developer of explainable AI, has agreed a global agreement with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the IT services, consulting and business group, to provide explainable AI in regulated and safety-critical sectors.

The agreement will see Ditto AI working with TCS’s network of consultants in 46 countries to offer a unique patented methodology that solves the challenge of building reliable models of expert human problem-solving so that machines can safely assist people in their decision-making. This is known as the knowledge elicitation bottleneck in symbolic AI, and is a particular challenge in highly regulated and safety critical applications.

Ditto AI’s technology codifies unstructured, tacit expertise and makes it accessible through familiar user interfaces to produce complete, correct and consistent advice for users querying the system in natural language. The advice is accompanied by an audit trail which allows for human oversight and accountability, which are especially necessary for AI solutions in regulated and safety critical sectors where many “black box” AI offerings on the market cannot be relied upon.

Industries where this explainable AI technology could have particular applications include energy, utilities, chemicals, automotive, transport, pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturing and financial services.

Ditto AI’s offering complements TCS’s work in this space, allowing both companies to partner in driving conversations with customers wanting to implement AI to improve efficiency in an accountable and transparent manner. The agreement with TCS is a significant step forward for Ditto AI, which is currently best known for its sustainability products, which offer learning, compliance and data management platforms for businesses.

Ved Sen, Digital Evangelist for TCS UK, said:

“We have spent time evaluating Ditto AI’s technology, and we think it is an exciting next-generation offering that can truly deliver explainable AI. We look forward to collaborating with Ditto AI to put accountable AI to work for our clients.”

Rick Turner, Ditto AI’s Chief Executive, said:

“As an explainable AI company, we are committed to delivering accountability to the users of our AI technology. The alliance with Tata Consulting Services will help us bring accountability and transparency in AI to a broad set of customers globally, especially those in regulated and safety critical sectors who cannot afford to make errors and must understand the workings of the AI before they can trust it to inform their decisions.”