Parkwalk are delighted to welcome Phasecraft to its portfolio following an investment from the Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund.

Phasecraft is a start-up from researchers at University College London and the University of Bristol. The company was established to develop quantum software for quantum information processors, encompassing both near-term intermediate-scale devices and universal fault-tolerant quantum computers.

Small-scale universal quantum computers have recently been christened as “NISQ” computers, which stands for “noisy intermediate-scale quantum” computers. This terminology recognises the scaling challenges faced by QC, which will take time to overcome. In the meantime, the universal QC world is looking to vigorously explore what can be achieved with NISQ computers. NISQ computers are exactly what the acronym describes: noisy (i.e. not error-corrected), intermediate-scale (they are expected to range from the high tens of qubits to a few hundred qubits), but still quantum. It is hoped that these NISQ’s can still perform useful work, in particular in areas such as materials science, chemical discovery, and related areas, where current (non-quantum) computers struggle to perform large-scale quantum calculations.