We are pleased to announce that we have closed an investment into the University of Manchester spinout Dynamic Vision Systems (DVS) for the Parkwalk Opportunities Fund. The company is built on collaborative efforts at the University of Manchester and the University of Leeds in the field of smart contact lenses.

The DVS technology arose from discussions between Professor Philip Morgan, Professor Helen Gleeson and Professor Cliff Jones, who have expertise across ophthalmology/optometry, liquid crystals and novel manufacturing. The initial concept was that a switchable contact lens could be developed for sufferers of Presbyopia (the natural age-related failure of the eye’s focusing system), which is most commonly managed by spectacles. This affects everybody from age 45 and can be an issue from as young as 35.

The DVS technology could have a significant impact on the management of this condition, as well as enable applications more widely both in healthcare and augmented reality. We see this as an exciting idea with many potential uses.