We are pleased to announce that the Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund has participated in a follow-on financing round into Ionix Advanced Technologies, a Leeds University Spin-out that has developed extreme temperature piezo technology for use in the protection of high value industrial assets. Parkwalk invested alongside existing investor IP Group plc.

The market for piezo technologies –harnessing certain material’s capacity to transform pressure into power or, alternatively, power into pressure – is already widespread and growing. The piezoelectric market is well established but applications are limited by the properties of the materials currently in use.
Ionix Advanced Technologies was spun-out of the University of Leeds In 2011. The company has developed a proprietary device (modifiable to suit different applications), based on its novel piezoceramic material, which enables the protection of high value industrial assets in extreme temperature conditions.

In addition to being one of the very few high activity piezo technologies capable of operating above 250°C, Ionix’s devices are simpler, lower cost and easier to install than the limited alternatives already in use (largely dominated by manual inspection devices).