We have recently closed an investment in Salunda for the University of Oxford Isis Fund I.

Salunda develops robust, contactless sensors for use in very harsh environments. The company’s sensor technology detects position and speed, and measures the composition of fluids.

Salunda has developed patented, contactless sensor technology for monitoring machinery in very harsh environments. Sensors scan components such as pistons, rotors and seals for wear and failure. A profile of the component surface can be recorded with sensitivities of as little as tens of microns. Sensors can warn of imminent failure by detecting cracks, eccentric motion, ‘orbiting’, axial shift or vibration.

The oil industry requires accurate, repeatable measurement of the separation of water, oil and gas. Salunda is developing reliable, inline sensors that measure the water content of crude oil, contamination and actual fluid level in the presence of bubbles and froth. OEM components based on patented technologies are available for open-bore water cut and multiphase flow application.