Debuts in ‘Home of the Future’

Xeros debuted its revolutionary, environmentally friendly cleaning process on Channel 4 in a new series that shows how an ordinary Sheffield family can use cutting edge technologies and gadgets to tackle challenges such as energy and water use, as they seek to adapt to low carbon living. The series follows the Perera family at ‘work, rest and play’ and shows what they might eat, how they might travel, stay healthy and power their homes in the future. It poses various challenges to the family and offers a glimpse into what solutions are available now and in the future. Xeros featured in a programme titled ‘Work,’ which aired on 19 February 2012 (19.30, Channel 4).
Bill Westwater, Chief Executive of Xeros welcomed Channel 4 to the company’s R&D facility at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Sheffield in August last year, to show how the technology transforms the way clothes are cleaned by a process that uses polymer beads to ‘attract’ stains. The gentle flow of small polymer beads acts just like hand washing, tumbling with the washload and transporting stains off garments to be locked into the bead molecular structure. This exceptional environmental system uses only a fraction of the water, energy and detergent that is required for conventional cleaning.
Bill Westwater, Chief Executive Officer of Xeros, said: “We were delighted that the programme makers chose to feature Xeros technology in action. The programme aims to tackle serious challenges to British households facing up to rising energy and water bills and how they can take affordable steps to live in more sustainable ways.”