FPGA-based design kit for multiple wireless protocols

Lime Microsystems has developed what it calls a universal wireless communications toolkit which it claims allows developers to create wireless protocols of different complexities. The toolkit comprises Lime’s configurable transceiver board linked to an Altera FPGA design kit via a high speed mezzanine connection (HSMC) interface board. “We believe, this will lead to the development of novel wireless networks at fraction of the cost and time to market,” said Ebrahim Bushehri CEO of Lime. The intention is to support the development of wireless applications ranging from consumer and enterprise broadband equipment through to bespoke white space, military and GNU Radio applications. “Leveraging Lime’s Universal Wireless Communications Toolkit along with our family of tailored 28-nm FPGAs allows designers to rapidly create communications systems optimised for their specific requirements,” said Mike Fitton, senior architect in Altera’s communications business unit.
Lime’s LMS6002D is a fully integrated multi-band, multi-standard single-chip RF transceiver for 3GPP (WCDMA/HSPA and LTE), 3GPP2 (CDMA2000) and WiMAX applications.
It can be digitally configured to operate in 16 user-selectable bandwidths up to 28MHz. In addition to small cell base stations, Lime’s customers are using the IC to create machine to machine (M2M), GNU radio and white space radio applications.
The Lime HSMC interface and transceiver boards are available via Lime Microsystems with FPGA design kits available from Altera.