Shows New Fuel Cell Stack Design

Cheshire, UK – 14th March 2012 – ACAL Energy attracted a lot of interest at the FC EXPO show recently, when it unveiled a new, compact, low cost fuel cell stack design with a rated power of 12 kW and a power density of over 1 kW per litre. The new design is six times smaller than the previous generation, and is expected to be of interest in both automotive and stationery power generation applications.
The design was shown as the company exhibited its platinum-free fuel cell technology at FC EXPO in Japan where a total of almost 100,000 visitors had the opportunity to see it. The annual FC EXPO show is the world’s largest exhibition and conference specialised in Hydrogen & Fuel Cell technology.
The ACAL Energy stand was buzzing with interest from both suppliers and integrators from all around the world, who were keen to hear of the progress being made with its FlowCath® technology. FlowCath® is becoming well known as a means of replacing the precious metal catalyst found in conventional fuel cells with a proprietary low cost liquid catalyst. This inherently eliminates many of the causes of lost performance in both continuous operation and in auto cycling.
“Asian markets, and Japan in particular, are important to us as we develop our commercialisation strategy”, said Bob Longman who was present at the show. “Our compact 12kW design clearly addresses the need for higher power fuel cell engines with reliability built in to the design.”
The ACAL Energy stand at FC EXPO was jointly organised with the Japanese company Sumitomo, which is an investor in the company. FlowCath® technology has the potential significantly to reduce the future cost for vehicle OEMs, and system integrators planning to deploy fuel cells in mass markets. FC EXPO 2012 was part of World Smart Energy Week 2012 which occupied the whole of the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition venue and pulled together a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies in ‘smart energy’ sectors.