Rev7 removable gum premiers in EU

Following the approval of the European Food Safety Authority, Revolymer® announces Rev7™ gum distribution deal with Topaz fuel stations
Revolymer® Ltd the revolutionary British polymer company is delighted that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has fully approved its revolutionary Rev7™ gum for sale within the EU and has already secured its very first European distribution with Topaz, Ireland’s largest fuel and service station group.
The deal means that great tasting and environmentally friendly Rev7™gum will be available from May at over 114 forecourt stores across the Republic of Ireland. With this major distribution partnership now secure, Revolymer is now actively seeking further retail partners and hopes to have its gum on-shelf in the UK by autumn of 2012.
As the world’s first commercially available environmentally friendly gum, Rev7™ is a real game changer in the competitive European gum market. Using patented polymer technology the gum can be removed readily from clothes using soap and water, and the streets.
In the Republic of Ireland chewing gum is the single largest component in the food litter category and the second largest component of overall litter after cigarettes. The numbers speak for themselves; in one month Dublin city council removed an estimated 180,000 pieces of embedded gum from Grafton Street, the city’s premier shopping thoroughfare, while across Ireland it is believed that up to 500 tonnes ends up dumped on the streets. Revolymer®’s technology can help solve a very costly and challenging problem and the consumer can help the environment without sacrificing quality.
In addition, to these environmental and convenience benefits, Rev7™ offers consumers a gum with and excellent taste and long lasting flavour. Currently available in peppermint and spearmint flavours and the company plans on expanding the portfolio in the coming year.
Roger Pettman, CEO of Revolymer® said: “With Rev7™ already in over 4,000 stores in the US we are really excited that the range is approved for sale in Europe and we have signed a deal with Topaz to launch the product in Ireland. With over 114 forecourts stocking our gum, this is a significant deal that will put our product in front of thousands of consumers and we hope that soon Rev7™ will be on sale across Europe.” Paul Candon, Marketing and Corporate Services Director of Topaz added: “We are pleased and excited to have added such an innovative product as Rev7™ gum to our offering. We believe that the gum’s longer lasting chew, coupled with the host of environmental benefits, means it will rapidly become a favoured choice with our customers.”

To help grow their business in the UK, Revolymer® has also brought on board the services of leading FMCG distributor and brokerage partner, Worldwide Brands Ltd. Martin Wathes, MD of Worldwide Brands ltd commented on their appointment that: “Worldwide Brands is extremely excited to be working with Rev7™ gum and see a huge potential for the brand.
As someone who regularly chews gum, I was really impressed with the chew and flavour of Rev7™, particularly on long journeys. Furthermore, with its strong environmental credentials and the fact that chewing gum litter is costing the UK government alone over £150 million per year, I can see huge potential for it to become a major player in the European gum market.”
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Notes to Editors:
1. In testing Revolymer® found that its confectionery gum removes readily from a range of surfaces (including paved sidewalks, carpets, textiles, transport fabrics and clothing materials), and
disintegrates into a fine powder within 6 months using mild agitation in water. See for more details.
2. Revolymer® is a rapidly growing technology development company which has developed a unique portfolio of products and formulations for the FMCG industry. Using commercially available and
inexpensive polymers, Revolymer® applies its innovative proprietary approach to formulate novel polymers to revolutionise consumer products. Current applications for the Company’s technology are
in the Confectionery Chewing Gum, Medicated Chewing Gum, Household Products, Personal Care and Coatings & Adhesives sectors of the FMCG industry
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