Parkwalk EIS Funds

The Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund seeks to generate multiple returns by investing across a portfolio of companies whose proprietary IP or know-how originated from UK R&D intensive institutions and Universities, whilst providing significant tax reliefs to the individual investor through the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

Parkwalk’s current portfolio consists of over 100 companies, which have raised in excess of £1bn of funding between them since 2010 and over 800 patents protect their technology and processes.

Investee companies range from early stage through to AIM-listed, creating a diverse portfolio of sectors and business development stages.

Parkwalk’s unique networks allow access to some of the most exciting opportunities in this sector and the Firm’s investment strategy helps to mitigate some of the risks associated with EIS investing.

According to the Tax Efficient Review, the Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund raised the most amount of subscriptions of any growth EIS fund in the 2016/17 and 2017/18 tax years.

Parkwalk Opportunities EIS Fund


The Parkwalk Opportunities Fund will typically invest in five EIS qualifying companies for each investor. It is open all year. The Fund offers UK-based HNWs and UHNWs the generous tax incentives provided by the EIS.
This Fund has replaced our annual UK Tech Funds as it offers investors the ability to invest at any time of the year.
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In under four years, both the Parkwalk UK Technology Funds I & II have each separately returned, in cash, more to investors than the total cost of their subscriptions into each Fund, and each Fund still contains current portfolio companies with the potential to offer further returns to investors as the investee companies mature. Funds III, IV, V and the Opportunities Fund have all also had cash distributions from a successful exit.
Parkwalk invests in high-growth British technology companies across all stages of their development, from formation through to AIM-listed companies.
At Q4 2018, Parkwalk’s UK Tech Funds and the Opportunities Fund are approximately invested 55% in seed/series ‘A’ and 45% in series ‘B’, ‘C’ or AIM-listed companies.
Investee companies have deeply-embedded IP and freedom to operate.
On formation, investee companies have experienced, relevant management brought in to commercialise the product.
Parkwalk works with, and invests alongside, other large VCs to plan financing targets to allow portfolio companies the opportunity to achieve commercial success.

Read more about Parkwalk’s investment strategy here.

The UK punches above its weight in R&D, with 1% of the world’s population yet 15.9% of the most highly cited papers.
The QS World University Rankings and the Times Higher Education regularly place the Universities of Cambridge, Imperial College, Oxford and UCL in the world’s top ten Universities.
This R&D, via Tech Transfer departments, leads to the successful formation of many British technology companies –  the University of Cambridge alone has spun-out 16 companies with valuations of over $1bn.
In a post-Brexit world we believe the value of UK technology companies will continue to be appreciated globally with the potential for trade sales and/or listings on AIM remaining healthy.

The Key Information Document (KID) for the fund can be seen here.