Investment Summary

In September 2015 VocalIQ was acquired by a leading US consumer electronics company.

VocalIQ was formed in March 2011 to exploit technology developed by the Spoken Dialogue Systems Group at the University of Cambridge. Still based in Cambridge, the company’s has a B2B focus helping other companies and developers build spoken language interfaces. Example application areas include smartphones, robots, cars, call-centres, and games.

A Dialog API

VocalIQ has developed the world’s first platform that allows a user to talk to their devices; smartphones, smart TVs, cars, robots to name a few. And it is talk to, not command.

All current solutions are about giving commands to devices and cars – a one-way street, with no dialogue. This is often misunderstood with results going off on a tangent, users getting upset and as a result giving up.

The VocalIQ solution is about real talking. If a device is not sure it gets it, it asks the user till it’s sure. In geek-o-ology it is called reinforcement learning. In simple English it’s called a voice interface that actually works.