We are delighted to announce that Parkwalk has made a follow-on investment into Arvia Technology from the Opportunities EIS Fund.

Arvia is exploiting a disruptive new technology for the treatment of organic and microbial wastes in water.  Spun-out from the University of Manchester, Arvia has received a plethora of major sustainability and technology innovation awards over the last five years. The company has 30 full-time employees.

Arvia is now gaining the attention of a number of the global water technology players and momentum with customer site trials in the nuclear sector. The unique part of Arvia’s technology is it combines two traditional treatment methods for water, adsorption and electrochemical treatment while using a highly conductive media, which can be regenerated within the process. Turning the adsorbed pollutants into trivial quantities of vented gases, whereas where as traditional treatment methods, require the media to be replaced, or the amount of energy required makes the process cost prohibitive. This gives rise to the following generic benefits of Arvia’s technology that apply across all application areas:

  • Complete on-site treatment, in a robust low maintenance system
  • No or minimal added process chemicals
  • Upon decommissioning leaves a secondary solid waste which has an authorised well established disposal route
  • Low energy, especially for low levels of difficult to treat organics

At the heart of Arvia’s technology is the patented adsorbent media Nyex, based on dense graphite, which has a high electrical conductivity.