We have recently closed an investment in Brainomix for the Parkwalk UK Tech Fund VII and the Opportunities Fund.

Brainomix is aiming to improve stroke treatment dramatically by developing software that gives all hospitals and clinics access to reliable diagnoses for their patients.

Brainomix’s ground-breaking technology, e-ASPECTS is a clinical decision support tool that automatically implements the Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score (ASPECTS) clinical scoring methodology, to assist clinicians in timely identification of acute ischemic stroke patients eligible for life-saving treatment and thereby dramatically improve stroke treatment.

Strokes are the third highest cause of death and the primary cause of disability worldwide and yet, even in the Europe and the US, up to half of the patients who should be treated for stroke are not, because of difficulty in reading CT scan images accurately.

Brainomix Co-founder Professor Alastair Buchan is the inventor of the ASPECTS system which is the most reliable method to diagnose stroke for treatment that improves patient outcomes. However, in practice the ASPECTS accuracy is often impaired by human subjectivity and its utility is severely limited by a lack of expert clinicians.

Brainomix e-ASPECTS software is the first system to provide automated and standardised analysis of CT brain scans for stroke damage, assessing patients’ suitability for life saving treatment. It has strong potential to become an indispensable tool in stroke care and generate substantial health economic benefits.

The company’s website can be viewed here.