Independent Research

Parkwalk EIS funds have been independently reviewed by both the Allenbridge Tax Advantaged Investments and the Tax Efficient Review.

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Wealth Managers and Advisers can also contact Tom Hopkins or Richard Hoskins at Kin Capital, the fund’s marketing promoter on 020 3743 3100.

Allenbridge Research

“Parkwalk has shown that it is a leading source of EIS opportunities in its specialised sector and has exploited its co-investment strategy with much larger venture capitalists to great effect”

Tax Efficient Review: 87/100

“Parkwalk have returned, in cash, more than investors’ subscriptions in five of their funds within four years. Each of those funds still has ‘live’ investments that should generate further returns for investors. Overall we think the data indicates that Parkwalk rank very well under this way of measuring EIS performance.”

Allenbridge Tax Shelter Report, August 2016
Tax Efficient Review Report, January 2017

EISA Awards Judges: Best Fund Manager 2016

“Parkwalk embody the essence of the true principles of EIS, and their work with the UK’s top universities to invest in knowledge intensive, early stage technology is quite simply transformational. They are a company that backed 36 financing rounds in 2016, deploying £40 million of EIS funds”

EISA Awards Judges: Best Exit 2016

“A shining example of collaboration, between Cambridge University and venture capital, where the interests of the university, founders and shareholders were aligned, and where clear objectives were set.  With a return over a period of 3 years and 10 months, one judge said: ‘If there were text book exits for EIS then this would certainly be one”

EISA Awards, House of Lords, February 2017
EISA Awards, House of Lords, February 2017

For further information, or to request the full research reports, please email the Parkwalk team here.


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Past performance is no guide to future performance. Projections and forecasts are also not a reliable indicator of future performance. The performance of a fund can fall as well as rise. Investors may receive back less than originally invested. An investment in smaller and unquoted companies carries a higher risk than many other forms of investment. Shares in unquoted companies are highly illiquid and as such there may not be a readily available market to sell such an investment. Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each investor and may be subject to change. Investments referred to in this website are not suitable for all investors. Interested parties are strongly recommended to seek specialist financial and tax advice before investing in any Parkwalk product. Any investment in a Parkwalk product must only be made on the basis of the terms of the full Information Memorandum. Parkwalk is not able to provide advice as to the suitability of investing in a Parkwalk product.