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Tangentix provides the best possible game delivery experience, using proprietary and patented technologies to compress game assets.

Clean Air Power plc

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Clean Air Power has pioneered the move towards using natural gas to power vehicles by developing Dual-Fuel™ technologies that guarantee diesel engine performance, with significant cost savings and low carbon emissions.

Cambridge CMOS Sensors

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In June 2016 Cambridge CMOS Sensors was acquired by ams AG in an all-cash confidential transaction. This resulted in multiple returns for Parkwalk investors.

Cambridge CMOS Sensors is a leading manufacturer of sensor solutions for monitoring air quality, with a wide range of miniature, ultra-low power gas sensors based on metal-oxide technology and infrared sensor components.

The […]


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Arkivum provides a large scale, long term, and cost effective digital archiving service with a unique 100% data integrity guarantee.

Itaconix plc

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Revolymer, spun-out from Bristol University, has 2 core technologies based on amphiphilic polymers & encapsulation which have evolved into 4 platforms leading to multiple uses.