The Parkwalk-managed University of  Oxford Innovation Fund I invested in Bounts in May 2015. In February 2018 we sold our holding at a loss for investors.
Bounts, a University of Oxford Innovation Startup Incubator spin-out, have developed a mobile health and exercise wearable app that uses industry standard secure protocols to allow members to collect all […]



Spun-out of the University of Oxford in 2011, TheySay brings to the market ground-breaking research in computational linguistics. Impartial benchmarking studies have been carried out by three leading organisations that verify TheySay’s superior performance compared to the other major sentiment analysis tools. TheySay’s analytics are fast, easy to integrate, verifiable, flexible and customisable.

The company […]


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Salunda has developed patented, contactless sensor technology for monitoring machinery in very harsh environments. Sensors scan components such as pistons, rotors and seals for wear and failure. A profile of the component surface can be recorded with sensitivities of as little as tens of microns. Sensors can warn of imminent failure by detecting cracks, […]


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Brainomix is aiming to improve stroke treatment dramatically by developing software that gives all hospitals and clinics access to reliable diagnoses for their patients. Strokes are the third highest cause of death and the primary cause of disability worldwide and yet, even in Europe and the US, up to half of patients who should […]


Oxtex - a novel self-inflating tissue expander