Animal Dynamics

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Animal Dynamics, a spin-out from the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford, is developing a portfolio of products derived from research into evolutionary adaptations in flight, swimming, walking, and stealth, where nature has arrived at significant performance optimizations which can be applied to commercial products.

In March 2019 Parkwalk sold its original investment in a […]


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Parkwalk invested in Navetas in November 2015. In August 2017 the company was acquired. Transaction details are confidential but if an earn-out is achieved Parkwalk investors will receive c. 85% of their investment cost back over a four year holding period.

Navetas are developing household energy monitoring solutions. The company offers a core product, the Loop Energy Saver, […]



In August 2018 Quethera, a spin-out from the University of Cambridge, was acquired by Astellas Pharma Inc. Under the terms of the purchase agreement, Astellas may pay up to £85 million in aggregate consideration (upfront and contingent payments) to Quethera shareholders as described here.

Quethera is a gene therapy company developing a novel treatment for glaucoma, developing methods […]



The Parkwalk-managed University of Cambridge Enterprise Fund III invested in Reduse in June 2015. In October 2016 the company entered voluntary liquidation.

Reduse, a spin out from the Low Carbon Materials Processing Group at the University of Cambridge, were seeking to change the way laser printed office paper is treated post use. Instead of disposal, recycling […]



The Parkwalk-managed University of  Oxford Innovation Fund I invested in Bounts in May 2015. In February 2018 we sold our holding at a loss for investors.
Bounts, a University of Oxford Innovation Startup Incubator spin-out, have developed a mobile health and exercise wearable app that uses industry standard secure protocols to allow members to collect all […]



Spun-out of the University of Oxford in 2011, TheySay brings to the market ground-breaking research in computational linguistics. Impartial benchmarking studies have been carried out by three leading organisations that verify TheySay’s superior performance compared to the other major sentiment analysis tools. TheySay’s analytics are fast, easy to integrate, verifiable, flexible and customisable.

The company […]

Vocal IQ


VocalIQ - The world’s first platform that allows you to talk to your devices

Horizon Discovery


Horizon's basic science and translational research knowledge deployed in combination with best-in-class translational genomics platforms, products and services provides meaningful solutions to the challenges of translational researchers.

Clean Air Power plc

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Clean Air Power has pioneered the move towards using natural gas to power vehicles by developing Dual-Fuel™ technologies that guarantee diesel engine performance, with significant cost savings and low carbon emissions.

Inotec AMD


Inotec AMD is a wound-care company that has developed Natrox™, a device that produces a continuous flow of humidified oxygen and directs it to a specially-designed dressing, allowing oxygen to constantly refresh the wound.

Cambridge CMOS Sensors

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In June 2016 Cambridge CMOS Sensors was acquired by ams AG in an all-cash confidential transaction. This resulted in multiple returns for Parkwalk investors.

Cambridge CMOS Sensors is a leading manufacturer of sensor solutions for monitoring air quality, with a wide range of miniature, ultra-low power gas sensors based on metal-oxide technology and infrared sensor components.

The […]

Mode DX

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Mode Diagnostics is exploiting the electrochemical properties of biomarkers to produce novel assays for home diagnostic purposes.


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Reinnervate is a market leading company in the fast growing 3D cell culture market.


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The first real innovation in laundry in over 60 years. Xeros' mission is to convert the traditional world of aqueous washing to Xeros polymer bead cleaning

Tracsis plc

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Parkwalk sold its stake in Tracsis plc in June 2014, generating a 6.8x return for investors (nearly 10x inclusive of initial EIS tax reliefs). This exit returned, in cash, more than the cost of investors’ subscriptions into the Parkwalk Tech Fund II, with other investments in the fund still potentially able to offer future […]

First Light Fusion

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Oxyntix is developing and commercialising new technologies in energy and process engineering.

Itaconix plc

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Revolymer, spun-out from Bristol University, has 2 core technologies based on amphiphilic polymers & encapsulation which have evolved into 4 platforms leading to multiple uses.

ACAL Energy


ACAL Energy is the world's leading developer of low cost PEM Fuel Cells systems


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Eykona delivers accurate and repeatable 3D imaging technology