Investment Summary

Oxtex is an early-stage medical device company which has developed a novel self-inflating tissue expander for the use in reconstructive surgery based on technology developed at Oxford University. Oxtex received the OBN Bioscience award for Best Emerging MedTech in 2011 and Best New Medtech product in 2012.

Oxtex addresses a significant challenge in reconstructive surgery, namely the absence of sufficient skin in the area where the surgery is taking place. The company has developed a self-inflatable tissue expander that enables the creation of additional skin through controlled stretching in a wide variety of anatomical locations. The expander has applications in many areas of plastic surgery (burns/scar revision, breast reconstruction, dental and oral surgery, crossbite correction) as well as the veterinary market (tumour removal). Successful tissue expansion reduces the cost of treatment and is a significant improvement to other alternative forms of surgical reconstruction.