Investment Summary

Cambridge Touch Technologies (CTT) is a University of Cambridge start-up developing next-gen 3D touch technology.

CTT’s next generation 3D touch technology enables mobile devices to sense both the location and force of multi-touch inputs. CTT’s technology improves on the first generation of 3D technologies recently introduced to mass markets, which allow users to press a phone’s touch screen – exerting force – to access useful new interactions such as ‘peek and pop’ and ‘left-click’ functionality. Unlike this first generation technology, CTT has developed a sensitive multi-touch technology that can sense ‘multi finger’ force, is more scalable and cost-effective without any decrease in battery life. As a result, force-sensing technology, which currently offers limited functionality and is only available in smartphone-sized devices, can potentially be expanded and deployed on any touch screen – from smartphones to tablets to those in automobiles and beyond.