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28 February 2012


By |February 28th, 2012|

Very strong performance


· Increase in revenue to £3.66m (H1 2011: £1.24m), reflecting very strong trading performance across the Group

· Adjusted EBITDA* increased to £1.26m (H1 2011: £180k), with Profit Before Tax of £1.13m (H1 2011: £127k)

· Basic Earnings per Share increased to 3.47p (H1 2011: 0.47p)

· Healthy balance sheet maintained. Cash at bank now […]

Surrey NanoSystems

By |February 24th, 2012|

Nanoblack in Space

Scientists researching the ‘darkest material known to man’ are hoping a new manufacturing process will enable them to create more accurate space instruments.

The British companies developing the production method say it could make NanoBlack — a coating based on carbon nanotubes — more flexible and widely used, following a new research project […]

Surrey NanoSystems

By |February 22nd, 2012|

Parkwalk closes Surrey Nano Systems investment for the UK Tech Fund II

Surrey NanoSystems has developed a leading technology portfolio addressing the needs of the global nanoelectronics sector.

Its proven technologies deliver precise, ordered nanomaterial structures for advanced CMOS manufacturing processes.

ACAL Energy

By |February 19th, 2012|

FT: UK seeks to keep lead in fuel cells

Britain is staking its claim to lead the race to find a carbon-free car engine by bringing two innovative hydrogen power companies together.

Acal Energy, which has developed a cheap fuel cell, and ITM Power, an Aim-listed maker of hydrogen for fuel, have been given £500,000 – […]


By |February 15th, 2012|

Rev7 removable gum premiers in EU

Following the approval of the European Food Safety Authority, Revolymer® announces Rev7™ gum distribution deal with Topaz fuel stations
Revolymer® Ltd the revolutionary British polymer company is delighted that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has fully approved its revolutionary Rev7™ gum for sale within the EU and has already secured its very […]


By |February 10th, 2012|

Technology Strategy Board awards prestigious grant to Xeros

Xeros has been awarded a £250,000 grant for research and development by the Technology Strategy Board to accelerate the development of a domestic laundry machine, which will fully exploit Xeros’ environmentally friendly technology. The grant, the highest that can be awarded through the Technology Strategy Board’s Smart […]